educational service / workshop

há um rio nesta gota — sessão-concerto para bebés e crianças

mini circuito

4 Mar


10:00 + 11:30

children 3 eur, adults 4 eur

sala multiusos

Music occupies a central place in our lives. In this concert session dedicated to children, families are invited to enter a sound bubble, where electronic music mixes with the acoustic voice, the exploration of instruments, echoes, projections and pair discoveries.
We will dive into a thread of water until we sprout in the middle of the ocean, in the blades of a windmill or in tropical rain.


Frenesim is a cultural cooperative, dreamed and practiced by artists and educators. It aims to promote art as an end, as a project for change and for bringing people together. The mix of musicians, sculptors, performers, teachers, and curious people creates a transversal approach, key for personal and group exploration.

partner frenesim
 sara figueiredo, inês lemos, rita campos costa and zé figueiredo
duration 40 min. aprox.
target audience babies and children up to 5 years old

Circuito is Braga Media Arts’ new Educational Service and it makes multiple connections between our communities, Media Arts and creativity. Here new technologies are an engine of production, knowledge and enjoyment of the arts.

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