mão morta + pedro sousa = tricot

20 Jan



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The meeting between the “institution” Mão Morta and the saxophonist Pedro Sousa emerges as the brainchild of André Tentugal, musician, producer, and director, and Henrique Amaro, announcer of Antena 3, who through “Esfera” label also made collaborations between Sensible Soccers and Carlos Maria Trindade or Joana Gama and Angélica Salvi, two of the five “mixes” of reference musicians of the national music scene. The recording session between the band from Braga and the artist from Lisbon resulted in three tunes, edited in vinyl, with limited edition, but also opened doors to another challenge: a live meeting promoted by gnration through a co-production with Culturgest.
Pedro Alves Sousa is an active figure and a reference in the world of improvised music in Portugal. We have seen and heard him alongside Gabriel Ferrandini, Thurston Moore, Black Bombaim, RP Boo, Miguel Mira, and Hernâni Faustino. In collaborations or alone on stage we realize that he is a musician of irreverence and inexhaustible fuel. Along with Rodrigo Amado and Ricardo Toscano, names with whom he has also shared the stage, he is also the standard-bearer of an uncontrolled saxophone that the country has to give to music beyond its borders.
It is the irreverence that we see in the young Pedro Sousa that is also mirrored in the career of almost four decades of Mão Morta – and perhaps it is here, in the irreverence, where resides the burning point that seemed obvious for the editorial ignition of Esfera. Authors of a singular career, constantly challenging themselves and transgressing, Mão Morta is not a party that marries just anyone, but when they do, they marry for life. Let Pedro Sousa say so, now part of this polyamour.

adolfo luxúria canibal voice
miguel pedro eletronics, drums and percussion
antónio rafael eletronics, keys, guitar
vasco vaz guitar
ruca lacerda guitar
rui leal bass
pedro sousa saxophone, eletronics

Created using Figma