VV por joão martinho moura

by joão martinho moura

21 Jul

to 13 Oct


gnration gallery

VV is a virtual reality artwork, individual, intimate, where the visitor experiences a sequence of three states that confront and question the body with (immaterial) space, sound, and the out-of-body concept, introduced by G.N.M. Tyrrell, in his book ‘Apparitions’ (1943). This sequence will be presented in stages, along the display period. VV is inspired by the research developed by pioneers in the area of virtual reality, such as Ivan Sutherland, creator of the Ultimate Display concept (1965); Morton Heilig, Sensorama (1962); and Jaron Lanier, The sound of one hand (1992). The piece will be in continuous transformation, planned by the author.

João Martinho is a researcher and media artist. His main focus lies in digital art, intelligent interfaces, digital music and computational aesthetics.

Created using Figma