semibreve: kode9 / rian treanor

26 Oct



7 eur *


SEMIBREVE festival returns to Braga, Portugal, for its 9th edition between 25th and 27th of October 2019. The festival will take place in various venues, including the historic Theatro Circo, the restored 18th century building Casa Rolão, the cutting-edge contemporary venue gnration, the medieval room dated from the 15th century Salão Medieval da Universidade do Minho and the astonishing modern chapel Capela Imaculada do Seminário Menor.

We can let go on the dancefloor and accept the music Kode9gives us, but we can also understand the importance Kode9 has for a significant part of the other music we listen to. Besides three studio albums, the british artist has founded, and runs, Hyperdub, na essential label to map a considerable chunk of insubordinate conteporary electronic music. With it, Kode9 played a vital role in establishing dubstep, giving sanctuary to Burial’s magnificent catalogue, or livening up the scene with Fatima El Qadiri, Laurel Halo or Babyfather. With a Philosophy degree, some of his thoughts on music and sonic culture are shared and taught in academic lectures and Master classes. Used to delve deep into musical matters, we don’t expect a DJ set by Kode9 to be anything less than a well planned lesson. 

In March of this year, Rian Treanor released  “Ataxia”, his first album after a fee brilliant Eps which made his name a highly visible one in the electronica radar. “Ataxia” means a pathological lack of coordination of body movements. And, in fact, to launch into Treanor’s music is to test some of our limits and observe how we respond to them. They’re angular and labyrinthine compositions, often with a non-conventional geometry, made of asymmetrical structures and abrupt patterns, but we’ve rarely heard something so crystalline and with such exactitude, where we hover stunned by the total absence of the superfluous. That is, lethal qualities to make our body obey it blindly, leaving us only our motor functions which articulate our smiles, to thank him for an experience which we’ll gladly never forget. 

* gnration access tickets limited to room capacity.

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