disposofónicos: acumuladores de objetos sonantes, by sonoscopia

15 Oct

to 10 Jan 2023

free admission

gnration gallery

Different from disposophobia, “disposofonia” is a neologism and a concept created by Sonoscopia to define the compulsive and imperious human act of gleaning and collecting sound uselessness, from the most innocuous to the most turbulent, or the most outrageous. Thus, “disposofonia” becomes a set of haptic effects capable of promoting in the human being an ecology of sound knowledge and actions. These effects are caused by the simple idea that the world no longer revolves around the inventors of new sounds or noises, but on the contrary, it revolves much more elegantly around the invention of other sound ideas, and other thoughts. It should be noted that, although the prevalence of this condition of living disposophonically is more frequent in mature adults from all continents, some factors associated with it include, common characteristics such as, nomadism, mestizaje, obsessive-sound disorders and a clear aversion/allergy to sound-commodity. – Mário Azevedo.

In Disposofónicos: Acumuladores de Objetos Sonantes, Sonoscopia association presents three pieces: the interactive installation Geometric Distortion, the audiovisual installation Aesthesic Waves and the sound installation Sublumia.

Sonoscopia is a platform for the creation, production and promotion of artistic and educational projects, focused on the areas of experimental music, sound research, and its transdisciplinary intersections. Since its creation in 2011, it has produced over 700 events, artistic creations, educational activities and publications.

age rating m/6

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