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e c o t a c t i c s #5 — am kanngieser

16 Nov



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Focusing on exploratory methodologies for environmental literacy, E C O T A C T I C S is a series of conversations that intersects a network of researchers who have been experimenting with new approaches to ecological research.
Deriving around conversations about fieldwork, research methodologies, ecopedagogy, and ecocritical practices, this programme brings together artists and researchers, who develop their work across the fields of sound art and anthropology, media studies, hydro-feminism, and pedagogical activism. It addresses current debates around extractive practices and politics, oceanography and sound ecology, and the circulation of digital media.

margarida mendes

Margarida Mendes is a researcher, curator, and environmentalist. She creates forums and transdisciplinary exhibitions where alternative modes of education and sensory practices can catalyse political imagination and restorative action. She participates in anti-extractive activism and ecopedagogy collectives, collaborating with marine NGOs, universities, and art world institutions.

am kanngieser

Researcher, geographer, and sound artist, AM Kanngieser work on the relationships between people, places, and ecology. Combining oral testimonies, poetry, and voice with detailed soundscapes and field recordings, they create immersive installations and radio art pieces. Their sound work has been curated by Documenta 14 Radio, BBC 3, ABC Radio National, London’s Natural History Museum, and Deutschland Radio.
Since 2015, AM has collaborated with Pacific women, artists, organisers, and researchers on the Climates of Listening project, which seeks to amplify movements of self-determination concerning ongoing European and North American colonisation through resource extraction movements, environmental racism and ecological disaster. They are also the author of the books Experimental Politics and the Making of Worlds (2013) and Between Sound and Silence: Listening towards Environmental Relations (yet to be released), and their articles have appeared in publications such as South Atlantic Quarterly and WIREs Climate Change. His radio piece And Then The Sea Came Back was nominated for the 2017 Prix Ars Electronica and has been featured in art and music publications such as The Wire: Adventures in Sound and Music, Quietus, Transmediale, Outline and Art Quarterly.

curator and moderator margarida mendes


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