guelra: punto improprio, by javier martin

19 Nov



3 eur

sala de formações

Guelra – Choreographic Transcreation Laboratory is a transdisciplinary laboratory developed by Arte Total since 2012. This laboratory works in an artistic residence context which culminates in a final public presentation.

Choreographer living in Galicia, Javier Martin develops research projects, epistemological and critical, around the arts of movement. Resident artist of Teatro Galán de Compostela since 2005, he has created more than 30 pieces, including fourteen stage performances and more than twenty short pieces, special collaborations, site-specific projects, and performances for unconventional spaces. Martin has presented his work in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Uruguay, and Guatemala. For this Guelra, the artist presents the conference-performance Punto Improprio, a work he will develop in an artistic residence over a week.

punto improprio

A blow, with healing power, has opened time. The price to pay is always the same: to assume the plural. The real and the unreal – the (a)symmetrical imaginary – merge in intensities and rewrite cognition.

Purging heart and liver, after shedding dense blood and black bile in one’s own eyes: alternative methodology in the precise dose that, in its hybridization with clinical instrumentation, shapes horizon, art, and patience. How do you have power? You cannot have power, you can only inhabit it.

age rating m/6
partner arte total

Created using Figma