cinema no pátio: memória, de apichatpong weasethakul

3 Aug



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pátio exterior


It is not about the telluric force of the mountains or zombie attacks, but perhaps about something else: ways that cinema finds to represent something that is felt, beyond what the senses apprehend. This year’s Cinema no Pátio presents four proposals that are torn between the natural and the metaphors, between landscape and revelations. February (Kamen Kalev, 2021) tells us about the poetics of time and rituals in time; Memoria (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2022), of the unfathomable mysteries of existence (where the spectator becomes a listener); Happy as Lazarus (Alice Rohrwacher, 2018) of isolation, kindness and exploitation; and Thirty Souls (Diana Toucedo, 2019), of oblivion and death as a passage.
by eduardo brito

apichatpong weerasethakul · colômbia, thailand, france, germany, mexico, qatar, united kingdom, united states of america, china, switzerland· 2021 · drama · 136’ · m/12
with tilda swinton, agner brekke, daniel giménez cacho, jerónimo barón e juan pablo urrego

Jessica, a Scottish orchid farmer, is in Colombia visiting her sick sister. During this trip, she befriends Agnes, a French archaeologist who studies human remains six thousand years old, discovered during the construction of a tunnel in the Andes mountain range. By a river, she meets Hernan, a fisherman with whom she shares memories. And every night she is disturbed by loud noises that don’t let her sleep, which apparently only she hears.

Created using Figma