gesture & synthesis, by supernova ensemble + diogo tudela

13 Jan

to 14 Apr

free admission

galeria gnration


Gesture & Synthesis is an exhibition formed by two wave generators built as independent sound installations and as instruments used as part of the live piece for Gesture & Synthesis. These objects function as a kind of internal projectors or shadow theatres. Each projector contains a pair of removable black acrylic discs, generated from Collatz sequences – the mathematical conjecture that underpins this entire body of work. These disks rotate at different speeds and directions and at the same time, employing a computer vision algorithm, a webcam calculates the average silhouette produced by the contours of both shapes as they pass through the projector’s eyepiece. The result is used as a wave profile in a wavetable synthesis process.
Diogo Tudela is a researcher and programmer focused on critical software, simulation practices, model theory, geometry, diagrams, and mechatronics. His work has addressed vocal synthesis and manipulation technologies as tacit retro-bioengineering.
Created in 2022, Supernova Ensemble is an artistic collective dedicated to innovative music in the areas of performing, new media, and sound arts. With a diverse artistic and musical background, the group aims to build a world in which new sound ideas flow freely across genres and media, including music, theatre, dance, video, electroacoustic, chamber music, sound installations, etc. 

creation diogo tudela + supernova ensemble 
installation diogo tudela
performance (a 14 abril) joão dias, josé alberto gomes, mário costa e diogo tudela
artistic direction joão dias e josé alberto gomes
production circular festival e gnration


galeria gnration is sponsored by EDIGMA and SABSEG Seguros



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