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gnration open day

29 Apr


10:00 - 03:00

free admission

various places


After a month of celebration, gnration’s ten years culminate on 29 April with gnration open day. The already usual celebration has a set of free activities consisting of concerts and exhibitions of international and national artists.

inês malheiro
Inês Malheiro is an artist from Braga who uses her voice as an instrument and raw material to develop sound narratives. In 2022 she released her first solo album, Deusa Náusea, by Lovers and Lollypops. In parallel to her solo work, she has edited liquify, spread and float (2022), an improvised live performance album, created the sound design for Práticas Laboriosas do Enxofre (2022), an exhibition project created by Coletivo Corisca, released Canal-Conduto (2020) with Gonçalo Penas and is one half of the duo Fura Olhos, with Miguel Pedro from Mão Morta.

serge fritz
Serge Fritz is the alter ego of Sérgio Freitas, a musician and pianist from Braga. We know him from collaborations, in the studio and live, with names as diverse as Sensible Soccers and Pz, with whom he regularly plays, and Old Jerusalem, Mind da Gap or We Trust. At gnration, Serge Fritz presents his first solo album, Gandulo, released in 2022. This instrumental album, built of eleven tracks, fuses cinematic atmospheres and improvised music with jazz and hip-hop tinges, and pop melodies. The result is a diary of personal wanderings with a strong sound that reflects the volatility of times, modes and fashions.

Starting from the traditional songbook of Beira Baixa, Bandua reinvents and reinterprets the folk tradition of the region through electronic music. With ancestral roots in the Portuguese province, Portuguese-Brazilian musician and producer Tempura the Purple Boy (Bernardo Addario) had the idea of bringing these sounds to 21st-century pop. To do this he enlisted the help of Portuguese musician Edgar Valente, a well-known member of the band Criatura.

arsenal mikebe
Arsenal Mikebe is a percussion trio from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Formed by Ssentongo Moses, Dratele Epiphany, and Luyambi Vincent de Paul, Arsenal Mikebe is a veritable organic and industrial danceable rhythm machine. Owners of a unique and avant-garde percussion style, the African trio fuses heavy rhythms with vocals, trance, and experimental music. They are currently working on their debut album, that will be released by Nyege Nyege Tapes.

panda bear & sonic boom
Long-time friends, Panda Bear and Sonic Boom got together in the studio with one goal: to record an album based on loops and samples taken from pop songs from the 50s and 60s. Although they’ve been working together regularly for over a decade, Reset is the first collaborative work to bring two of the most influential musicians in independent music together on the same level. Noah Lennox and Peter Kember, who over the last ten years have performed at gnration in their name, now come together on the open day stage to present this new record.

de schuurman
A central figure of the Dutch electronic and rave scene, De Schuurman brings together influences, rhythms, and samples ranging from electro house, trance, and R&B to trap, afro, and hip hop to create explosive combinations on the dance floor. A visionary producer and one of the forerunners of Rotterdam’s Bubbling, in 2022 he edited the collection Bubbling Inside, by Nyege Nyege Tapes, taken directly from the dancefloors, and which relates the development of the genre over the last decade.

candy diaz
From gypsy music and obscure girl group classics to psychedelic, post-punk, funk, and soul music, what you can expect from a Candy Diaz set are the best danceable music gems from various eras and places. Outside the DJ booth, we met Ana Farinha – Candy Diaz’s birth name – as the drummer on Vaiapraia and Hidden Horse.

cascade, por marc vilanova
Cascade is an installation created by Marc Vilanova using infrasound recordings of cascades. This installation is composed of 88 loudspeakers, which are unable to reproduce infrasound frequencies, but their vibration is transmitted to a luminescent optical fibre. In this piece, we hear an attempt to reproduce these sounds and their visual resonance through strings of light. This piece was created during an artistic residency at gnration, after the Catalan artist was selected for the residency program of EMAP – European Media Art Platform.

scale travels: análise de um paraíso fugaz, por mariana vilanova + marcelo reis
Análise de um Paraíso Fugaz is an installation created by Mariana Vilanova and Marcelo Reis, resulting from an artistic residence at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, with the NOA group, whose research seeks to make the production of solar energy more efficient and sustainable. This installation arises from the translation of SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) images into sound and from images created through the optical microscopy of the perovskite mineral.

circuito on gnration’s birthday: ode ao gnration!, visitas orientadas e estação de experimentação
Circuito, Braga Media Arts’ educational service, joins gnration’s tenth anniversary.
ODE ao gnration! is a show that brings together the Orquestra de Dispositivos Eletrónicos (ODE) and the Conservatório de Música Calouste Gulbenkian de Braga. In this its fifth edition, ODE, an informal ensemble of musicians and non-musicians who meet regularly around sound exploration, counts on the artistic direction of the Turkish musician and artist Ece Canlı. For the gnration’s anniversary, ODE invited the students of the Conservatório de Música Calouste Gulbenkian de Braga to join in a unique and unrepeatable performance.
To demystify what this Media Arts is, the Circuit will offer a set of guided tours to the exhibitions at gnration, led by artist and mediator Joana Patrão. The visit will give a better understanding of the exhibitions Cascade, by Marc Vilanova, and Análise de um Paraíso Fugaz, by Mariana Vilanova and Marcelo Reis.
To participate at any time and for as long as you wish, the Circuit presents an experimentation station of the Unconventional Drawing School. Resorting to the relationship between drawing, sound and botany, this station invites to the exploration of materials and the different ways of making a drawing.


16:00 inês malheiro · sala multiusos

17:00 circuito apresenta: ode ao gnration! — orquestra de dispositivos eletrónicos + conservatório de música calouste gulbenkian de braga · palco praça
18:00 serge fritz · blackbox
22:00 bandua · palco praça
23:00 arsenal mikebe · blackbox
00:00 panda bear & sonic boom · palco praça
01:00 de schuurman · blackbox
01:00 candy diaz · sala multiusos 

10:00 – 01:00 análise de um paraíso fugaz, por mariana vilanova + marcelo reis · galeria inl
10:00 – 01:00 cascade, por marc vilanova · galeria gnration

education service
10:00 + 14:00 estação de experimentação: escola de desenho inconvencional · pátio interior
10:00 + 11:00 + 12:00 visita orientada às exposições · galeria inl e galeria gnration

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patron of ode ao gnration!

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