guelra: grand danois, by peter michael dietz

30 Nov



3 eur



Guelra – Laboratório de Transcriação Coreográfica is a transdisciplinary laboratory developed by Arte Total since 2012. This laboratory works in the context of an artistic residency that culminates in a final public presentation with the organisation of the material produced.

Born in Denmark but living in Portugal, Peter Michael Dietz is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. He trained at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) in the Netherlands and teaches at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon. As a performer, he has been part of various companies such as, Companhia Clara Andermatt and Jangada de Pedra, and has presented creations such as Leão de Lisboa, Valquíria Voltando, Seven Solos for eleven scenes falling through Made in Brazil and Mistoraba in Europe and Brazil.

grand danois

Despite its colossal appearance and powerfull figure, the Great Dane is described as calm and affectionate. Descended from the Molossians of ancient Rome, the “grand danois” became popularised in Europe as a large hunting dog. One of the most famous admirers of these animals was Otto von Bismark, the infamous “Iron Chancellor” of the German Empire, who was accompanied throughout his life by these robust and agile giants. One of them, Tyras, even bit a Russian diplomat after a heated argument. Grand Danois, the new performance by Peter Michael Dietz, borrows its title from this breed of dog and, through a performance with live music, the choreographer and dancer is joined by Paulo Mesquita’s piano to explore these formidable and imposing animals.


Created using Figma