lucrecia dalt

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1 Apr



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After her last visit, in 2020 to a packed house, Lucrecia Dalt is back at gnration with a new album. ¡Ay!, her eighth full-length, is further proof of the talent of a singular figure in today’s experimental and avant-garde music. Channelling echoes and memories of her life in Colombia, Dalt builds a work that moves on the threshold between past and present. From a narrative reminiscent of the film “The Man Who Fell to Earth”, starring David Bowie, Lucrecia sings about “Preta” an alien created from the particles of skin in the atmosphere, who falls to Earth in search of what it is to be Human. Throughout ¡Ay!, we hear the echoes of traditional Colombian and south american music; we hear the rhythms, beats, and melodies of mambo, salsa, bolero and merengue, which filled Dalt’s childhood in Pereira, and which also fill Preta’s sci-fi narrative. The introspection and surrealism Dalt had already embraced in No era Sólida, also presented at gnration, once again takes centre stage in the compositions of ¡Ay!
Living in Berlin since 2014, Lucrecia Dalt has stood out as one of the most innovative and acclaimed artists of her generation. Combining electronic music, jazz, and traditional South American music, Lucrecia Dalt is, by all accounts, one of the greatest names in contemporary avant-garde music. ¡Ay!, her eight full lenght album, was highlighted as album of the year by The Wire, Beep, and Público, and occupied the top places in the best 2022 album lists of many others, such as The Guardian, Pitchfork, Crack Magazine, The Fader, and NPR. The return to Colombian artist to Braga will be another unmissable concert,, to show, once again, why Lucrecia Dalt is heard so much.

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