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7 Dec



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Known for her work with Bruno Pernadas, Cassete Pirata, Minta & The Brook Trout and Joana Espadinh, Margarida Campelo decided to take centre stage. Supermarket Joy (2023), released in March under the Discos Submarinos label, marks the solo debut of the artist, who takes on the roles of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and arranger.
Made up of fourteen delightful songs (thirteen originals and a version of “Love Ballad”, by the Americans L.T.D. and featuring the voice of Jeffrey Osborne), this first album in her own name crosses various styles and influences. It’s not just jazz and indie that Margarida has accustomed us to in other projects. There is also plenty of room for sounds ranging from pop to soul, R&B to city pop, dance music to experimental jazz. This original musical identity and solid sound are the points that national critics, in Jornal Expresso, Observador and Rimas e Batidas, have praised in Supermarket Joy.
When she released her first single, “Faz Faísca e Chavascal” in November last year, Margarida said in an interview with Rimas e Batidas that “when the time came, the choice of producer was obvious”. Bruno Pernadas was the natural choice to take on the production of her first full-length album, which also includes several other collaborations. Margarida joined Ana Cláudia and Beatriz Pessoa on lyrics. The instruments include Francisca Cortesão, António Quintino, João Correia and Tomás Marques. A luxury cast that, with Margarida Campelo at the centre, gives rise to this Supermarket Joy, already highlighted as one of the best national releases of the year.


After fifteen years playing with some of the most interesting portuguese acts, Margarida Campelo debuts her first solo album ‘Supermarket Joy’. 

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