installation / music

ocupa #8 - perspective on electronic music and digital art in braga

15 Dec

to 16 Dec


5 eur (daily) / 7 eur (pass)

several locations


Since 2017, Braga has been a UNESCO Creative City in the field of media arts, a title and position that integrates it into a network of around 300 cities that place creativity at the centre of their social, cultural and economic development. Contributing to the legitimisation of this title is the international success of the SEMIBREVE festival, the historic Encontros da Imagem, gnration’s artistic and training offer, and the growing number of artists working in this area, but also OCUPA, an event promoted by the AUAUFEIOMAU cooperative with the support of the Municipality of Braga and gnration.

With the clear aim of promoting a perspective on artistic production in the fields of electronic music and digital art, led by artists from or living in Braga, OCUPA has already presented seven successful editions. For its eighth edition, it presents a programme of concerts and installations made up of some of Braga’s most interesting new artists, collectives and projects.


friday · 15 dez
21:30 · music/ image · clube de inverno: exploration and improvisation sessions with noiserv and jorge quintela · blackbox
22:30 · music·· sala multiusos

saturday · 16 dez
17:00 · music/ image · coletivo kindergarten · blackbox
18:00 · music· the vulture drones · multiusos
19:00 · music· rita silva · blackbox

friday + saturday
installation· posto de escuta: mestrado em media arts uminho · sala de formação
installation · fiber festival x semibreve · sala de conferências

partners auaufeiomau, município de braga, braga media arts, fiber festival

daily ticket 5 euros
2-day pass 7 euros
clube de inverno free admission
installations free admission

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