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órbita #19: vessel + rakhi singh + pluris ensemble

20 Sep



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Órbita programme is designed exclusively for the online format. Newly commissioned works gravitate around it and bridges are established with the offline programme, focusing on the domains of music, art, and technology.

#19 – vessel + rakhi singh + pluris ensemble

A unique show recorded live at gnration in December 2022, which brought together producer Vessel, violinist Rahki Singh and the Pluris Ensemble quartet.
A pseudonym for Sebastian Gainsborough, Vessel is one of the most respected names in electronic music today. He rose to fame with acclaimed releases for lef_blank, Astro-Dymanics and Tri Angle Records. A violinist, musical director, curator and composer based in England, Rakhi Singh has collaborated with the likes of Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, Oliver Coates, Fever Ray and Björk. Founded in 2022, Pluris Ensemble is an artistic laboratory with an interdisciplinary vision of art, centred on music. In this show they performed as a string quartet.

Created using Figma