trabalho da casa: palas

presents tons de pele

16 Sep



5 eur



Founder of Smix Smox Smux and Máquina del Amor, Filipe Palas is a well-known face in Braga’s music scene. After several years as an agitator in the city’s cultural scene, he made his solo debut with the EP Dente de Leão (2018), followed by the single Causa Perdida (2019), in collaboration with Graciela Coelho (Dear Telephone). Everything seemed to be going well, until the day we all got locked down in our houses. With the pandemic, Palas began to explore a more intimate and personal side in his music and, from this more introspective context, the artist released the single Sou Quem Sou (2020). At the beginning of 2023, a new work was announced, born from this time of interregnum. Made up of six songs, Tons de Pele was unveiled, in an unorthodox way, over the first few months of the year. Song by song, Palas unveiled each chapter of this new story, accompanying each release with a video clip directed by Paulo Cunha Martins. With the participation of Sérgio Freitas (Serge Fritz, Sensible Soccers, PZ) and Luís Barros (Alek Rein, The Burnt Pines, Filipe Sambado, Les Saint Armand), the final result was a video-album in which the different tracks represent different states of mind. In a special concert, which will be preceded by an artistic residence at gnration, Palas presents live the new Tons de Pele, in a show in which he will be accompanied by Sérgio Freitas, on synthesizers, João Costeira, on drums, Giliano Boucinha, on guitar and synthesizers, and Paulo Cunha Martins, on visuals.

With two dozen projects already supported, the artistic creation programme of gnration challenges musicians and bands to build new discographic works and shows, starting from incubation in a residency context. Beyond the public presentation that is instilled as the final process of the artistic residency, we would risk saying that the legacy it has been leaving on the cultural map of the city is of incalculable artistic value. Gonçalo, Ermo, con+ainer, Máquina Del Amor, Grandfather’s House, Leviathan, Dead Men Talking, Imploding Stars, Bruma, ngela Police, Quadra, FERE, The Nancy Resistance Wide Band, Omie Wise, Man in Catharsis, Gentleman, Travo, St. James Park, Mutu and NO!ON make up the range of over half a decade of Trabalho da Casa.

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