scale travels: análise de um paraíso fugaz, by mariana vilanova + marcelo reis

11 Feb

to 6 May

free admission

galeria inl


Análise de um Paraíso Fugaz (Analysis of a fugacious paradise) is the new work by Mariana Vilanova and Marcelo Reis. It originated from a residency at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, with the NOA group, whose research into photovoltaic cells seeks to make solar energy production more efficient and sustainable.
This installation explores how we increasingly believe in salvation through technology, in the same way we believe in salvation through faith in God. We see technological evolution as a superior entity, over which we have no control. We create an illusion the solutions science presents us are definitive, which devalues scientific evolution, made up of various ephemeral answers that are the basis of future thinking.
Mariana Vilanova and Marcelo Reis have been collaborating regularly since 2018. Mariana Vilanova is an artist based in Porto who exhibits regularly since 2016. She has been presenting works that explore themes such as the impact of technology on human beings and the planet. In 2021, she completed her Master’s in Multimedia with the work Evoking a Simulated Past, presented at gnration. Marcelo Reis is a visual artist and music producer, under the name Wushta, and explores the transmission, translation, and adulteration of signal/messages between different media. He presented the work To be devoid of meaning is not identical to being lifeless (2019) and participated in Dose #5 with Binary Rhythm (2020), which was followed by Death upon my thought (2021) presented at the launch of Dose #6.

scale travels is a collaborative programme about art and nanotechnology. 

inl ‑ laboratório ibérico internacional de nanotecnologia
artistic direction and production
scientific supervision
inl ‑ laboratório ibérico internacional de nanotecnologia

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