semibreve: beatrice dillon, mumdance

27 Oct



12 eur



Semibreve, electronic music and digital art festival, returns to Braga for its 13th edition between 26th and 29th of October 2023. The festival will take place in various venues with a program that features concerts, durational performances, installations, workshops, talks and AV pieces.

beatrice dillon ·
Beatrice Dillon combines her love of UK club music’s syncopated suss and Afro‑Caribbean influences with a gamely experimental approach to modern composition and stylistic fusion, using
inventive sampling and luminous mixing techniques adapted from modern pop.

mumdance ·
Mumdance, artist behind some of the most innovative and influential dancefloor records of recent decades, will present a durational DJ set focused on twisting grime, techno, avant‑garde electronics and the UK soundsystem continuum into strange new shape.



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