serge fritz

presents gandulo

gnration open day

29 Apr



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Serge Fritz is the alter ego of Sérgio Freitas, a musician and pianist from Braga. We know him from collaborations, in the studio and live, with names as diverse as Sensible Soccers and Pz, with whom he regularly plays, and Old Jerusalem, Mind da Gap or We Trust. At gnration, Serge Fritz presents his first solo album, Gandulo, released in 2022. This instrumental album, built of eleven tracks, fuses cinematic atmospheres and improvised music with jazz and hip-hop tinges, and pop melodies. The result is a diary of personal wanderings with a strong sound that reflects the volatility of times, modes and fashions.

After a month of celebration, gnration’s ten years culminate on 29 April with gnration open day. The already usual celebration counts with various free activities composed of concerts and exhibitions of international and national artists. See the entire programme at gnration open day.

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