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artes visuais u.minho @ gnration

5 Jun

to 15 Jun

free admission


As the academic year draws to a close, gnration is opening its doors to young final-year artists from the University of Minho’s Visual Arts degree programme. With the aim of giving the students professional experience, the course’s exhibitions has taken place at various venues in Guimarães, such as the Centre for Art and Architecture Affairs (CAAA), the José de Guimarães International Arts Centre (CIAJG) and the Garagem Avenida gallery, where the degree is based. The usual end-of-course exhibition is now at the gnration.
Eighteen students’ work will be on display in a premiere that is being drawn up in the building’s spaces. The aim is not just to exhibit what has been done so far or to take a look back over three years at the Avenida Garage on the Couros campus of the University of Minho in Guimarães. The aim is to showcase emerging talents, fertile minds and the promise of what these creative people will do in the future.
The choice of materials, themes, methodologies and media is vast. From textiles to multimedia, from gender issues to environmental emergencies, from procedural to collaborative methodologies, from performance to installation, these works bear witness to the diversity of perspectives and approaches that reveal the creative potential of these future artists. Carolina Pinto, Catarina Jorge, Flávio Silva, Guilherme Monteiro, João Gonçalves, João Mendonça, Jorge Rodrigues, José Cunha, Lara Belo, Lara Teixeira, Liliana Gonçalves, Madalena Aguiar, Magnólia Rosa, Miguel Rebocho, Miguel Santos, Ricardo Fernandes, Sara Moreira, and Sofia Carneiro are the students whose works make up the exhibition.

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