educational service

bertie brain


19 Jan

to 20 Jan

fri 21:30 / sat 18:00

2,50 eur



18th January – open rehearsal for schools or groups. For more information about the open rehearsal contact us at

BERTIE is a networked virtual reality experience for multiple player-performers. In an apocalyptic virtual environment, polluted by mountains o digital rubbish and populated by abandoned characters, players will have to navigate this techno-melancholic territory together, while coming to terms with notions of legacy, orphanhood and waste.


artistic director rita barbosa
co-creation maria inês marques, rita barbosa and rui lima
original idea jorge quintela, rui lima and rita barbosa
script joão abreu, maria inês marques and rita barbosa
writing contributions maria leite
translation luís moreira
performers joão abreu, maria leite and catarina campos costa
voiceover annie kleinhesselink and camila kleinhesselink agante
music and sound design jorge quintela, rui lima and sérgio martins
light designer cárin geada
screenographer kerr holden
set and costume design support pedro azevedo
virtual reality technical team/ coordinator, technical director fábio fernandes
virtual reality technical team / vr development / programming / implementation and streaming rita maia and rodrigo torres
virtual reality technical team / 3d modelling and animation andré silva and césar castro
video, light and sound technical team novalux coletivo / francisco campos and renato marinho
technical support mariana leite soares, rafael maia, bernardo bourbon and rúben gonçalves.
production nuno eusébio and maria inês marques
social media management and advisory support raquel cunha
project management pé de cabra, lda, el-hey, lda
financial administration antónio selas

financial support
portuguese republic | directorate-general for the arts
 rtcp – network of portuguese theatres and cinemas
criatório 2022
porto municipal theatre
circuit – braga media arts educational service
co-production residency
the space of time
paulo cunha e silva campus
toothed insole
casa brava
antónio selas, rui horta, marco da silva ferreira, josé capela, filipa agante, sara barbosa, emília lima

duration 60 min
note show in english


Circuito is the Educational Service of Braga Media Arts and makes multiple connections between creation, Media Arts and the community. Here, new technologies are the driving force behind the production, knowledge and enjoyment of art. And the activities are designed for schools, families, children, teachers, seniors, communities, professionals, amateurs, artists and anyone else who wants to join in.
This Circuit is open to everyone. Find out more about it here.

mini circuit – activities and shows for children, accompanied by family members
school circuit – activities for the school community
advanced circuit – activities and training for young, adult and beginner audiences
circuit for everyone – activities and shows for all audiences
off circuit – special projects

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