emap perspective

emap perspective #1

anna ridler, joana moll, stefan laxness, studio above&below and uh513

26 Jan

to 27 Apr

free admission

galeria zero + sala zero + galeria um


The European Media Art Platform (EMAP), an European platform dedicated to Media Art and funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, is a network of renowned European institutions that focuses their work on the dissemination of Media Art. gnration has been an integral part of this network since 2022 and has hosted residencies, exhibitions, talks and workshops that seek to showcase the work of emerging artists in Europe.
The platform’s artist residencies are a great vehicle for the creation, collaboration and dissemination of new artistic projects. Since joining the network, gnration has hosted two of these residencies, which have given rise to new works. Over the years, EMAP residencies have motivated the creation of highly acclaimed works created in several of the partner institutions. EMAP Perspective is a group exhibition that brings together some of the works developed by European artists in institutions that are part of the EMAP network and seeks to publicise the work of emerging artists working in Media Art in Europe.

This first group exhibition features the pieces Mosaic Virus by Anna Ridler, The Hidden Life of an Amazon User by Joana Moll, Learning from the commons by Stefan Laxness, Meditative Cohabitation by Studio Above&Below and Beyond Human Perception by uh513.

european media art platform is a project co-funded by the european union




support portuguese republic – culture / directorate-general for the arts. rtcp – network of portuguese theatres and cinemas

Created using Figma