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emma — exposição do mestrado em media arts

19 Jul

to 27 Jul

free admission

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Since its inception in the 2021/2022 academic year, the Master’s in Media Arts at the University of Minho has maintained a close relationship with gnration and Braga Media Arts. After two editions at the University of Minho’s Rectory’s Paço Gallery, the third eMMA – Exhibition of the Master’s in Media Arts comes to gnration for the first time, a space that is also one of the course’s classrooms.
Exploring the intersection between art, communication and technology, students are encouraged to explore new forms of artistic expression. With a syllabus focused on laboratory and project-based learning, tools and concepts from the field of technology and digital art are used to develop new works and projects in the field of Media Arts. Close collaboration with Braga Media Arts and gnration further enriches the students’ experience, offering privileged access to relevant cultural and artistic activities that complement and inspire their academic work.
In this end-of-school-year exhibition, the students – emerging artists – have the opportunity to show the community their solo or collective projects. The works, to be announced soon, explore themes as diverse as digital identity, human-computer interaction, virtual reality, generative art and much more. The eMMA exhibition is thus an opportunity to witness first-hand the transformative potential of digital art and technology in society at the hands of new artists.

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