amélia bentes

guelra: (in) visibility, by amélia bentes

6 Apr



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Guelra – Laboratório de Transcriação Coreográfica is a transdisciplinary laboratory developed by Arte Total since 2012. This laboratory works in the context of an artistic residency and culminates in a final public presentation with the organisation of the material produced.

Choreographer, performer and contemporary dance teacher Amélia Bentes has been developing her choreographic work for the last twenty-five years. A graduate of the Escola Superior de Dança and the European Dance Development Centre, her work has been presented in Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

(in) visibility

A photography exhibition using Augmented Reality serves as the basis for an exploration and performance with interpretation by Nuno Velosa. Using some of her older works, Amélia Bentes directs a performance that functions as a physical study of absence in presence. The performer is invited to feel their body, letting the inner vibrations be noticed. A reversibility between outside and inside, in which sensations make the body the focus of all expression.

The exhibition on which this piece is based can be visited during the days leading up to the final performance.

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Created using Figma