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interspecies relationships

11 May



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Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, from the artistic collective SUPERFLEX, and Ricardo Gomes, from the architecture studio, have teamed up again, this time for the 2024 INDEX Biennial. They have created the Fish Cube, a sculptural installation that explores the relationship between human and animal coexistence and questions a world constructed in an exceedingly human-centric way. Based on the premises of this work and the SUPERFLEX’s Interspecies Café podcast, Inês Pereira Rodrigues, a PhD in Philosophy and a researcher in the field of relational ecology, will host a conversation with a particular focus on interspecies relationships.

bjorn christiansen
Bjørnstjerne Christiansen is, together with Jakob Fenger and Rasmus Nielsen, one of the founders of the SUPERFLEX collective, which has worked with a wide variety of collaborators, from gardeners to engineers. They have often been engaged in major urban public space projects, ever since their award-winning project Superkilen (Copenhagen, Denmark).

ricardo gomes
Ricardo Gomes divides his time between Lisbon and Copenhagen. He is the founder of, a multidisciplinary platform founded in 2009 in Berlin and Los Angeles that explores the nature of collaborative processes in the contexts of specific projects, in dialogue with artists, curators, educators and other architects.

inês pereira rodrigues
Inês Pereira Rodrigues is a researcher at Praxis – Centre of Philosophy, Politics and Culture at the University of Beira Interior and at the Centre for Philosophy and Gender at the Portuguese Philosophical Society. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Beira Interior and is the author and director of the radio programmes Filosofia na Rua and Isto é Filosofia, broadcast by the Portuguese public radio station Antena 2.

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talk included in the index 2024 – art and technology biennial programme

the index art and technology biennial is part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the april revolution


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