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17 May



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Thinker Manuel Bogalheiro, whose work encompasses both music and DJing, talks to Steve Goodman (Kode9), who is no stranger to the intersection of music and philosophy. The impetus for the conversation is the album Escapology, which is a part of a documentary fiction about a little-known chapter in European colonial history – in the 17th century, Scotland attempted to colonise part of present-day Panama. The consequences of this failed attempt left Scotland bankrupt and led to its union with England, beginning a common history of imperialism and slavery. Escapology links this historical record to Scotland’s contemporary aerospace industry. How can we liberate our vision of the future from these links to the past?

steve goodman
Steve Goodman is Kode9, a DJ/producer, artist and writer. A key figure in the British electronic scene, he is one of the founders of the dubstep movement and, in recent years, has established himself as a multidisciplinary thinker and artist. He is the founder of the groundbreaking record label Hyperdub. More recently, he founded the sub-label Flatlines to focus on audio essays and sonic fiction. Goodman is the author of Sonic Warfare, published by MIT Press in 2010 and the co-editor of Sonic Faction (due out this year) and Unsound: Undead (2019).

manuel bogalheiro
Manuel Bogalheiro is a professor at the Lusófona University and at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Nova Lisbon University. He is a researcher at CICANT – Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture and New Technologies, working in the fields of materiality of media, philosophy of technology and cultural theory.

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