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revisits jards macalé (1972)

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Born Jards Anet da Silva, nicknamed Macalé; by all accounts, and without a shadow of a doubt: one of the great names in Brazilian music. An almost unknown hero who, despite not enjoying the mass recognition of many of his peers, is an undisputed pillar of music made on the other side of the Atlantic. “Revolutionary”, “restless” and irreverent”, “visionary”, “modern” and “challenging”, there are many adjectives we can use to talk about the musician and composer, such is his work and influence. At the age of 80, almost 60 years into his career, Jards’ name has crossed paths with many others who have moulded music in Brazil. Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethânia, Gilberto Gil, Vinicius de Morais, Tom Jobim, João Donato, Criolo or Kiko Dinucci, Jards’ work is a true treasure that transcends genres and generations. His partnership with Gal Costa is certainly the most significant of his career. Vapor Barato, Mal Secreto, Anjo Avesso, Plusars e Quasars, Hotel das Estrelas and Profana are some of Macalé’s songs that have been eternalised by the beauty and power of Gal Costa’s voice. He also accompanied her on tours, on discs and in the legendary show “Meu nome é Gal”.
Like many of his contemporaries, he actively contested the military dictatorship that imprisoned Brazil. His work was censored and his name blacked out in newspapers. He was even a few steps away from prison when he performed “The Beggars’ Banquet” to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
His solo debut came in 1972 with the disc of the same name. Jards Macalé is a masterpiece, innovative and challenging, which brought together the spirit of samba and bossa nova with the fiery essence of rock, classical harmonies and the improvisational spirit of jazz. Over the years, this iconic album has been discovered and applauded by a new generation, giving it new strength. In 2022, on the 50th anniversary of this work, Jards Macalé puts together a new band, with Gui Held on guitar, Pedro Dantas on bass and Maria Portugal on drums. As a celebration and tribute, Jards revisits this work in a concert that will be like his own work: indomitable and unforgettable.

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