carlos bica, bruno pernadas e mário costa

julho é de jazz: bica / costa / pernadas invite lefebvre e santana

4 Jul



12 eur

pátio exterior


Some of the most cherished and influential names in national music are back on stage. After their first meeting, in 2023, as part of Jazz ao Largo (Barcelos), Carlos Bica, Mário Costa and Bruno Pernadas come together, this time on a commission from gnration. Accompanying them in a truly luxurious ensemble will be the French violinist and composer Héloïse Lefebvre and the Portuguese-Brazilian trumpeter Gileno Santana.
A reference in European jazz and one of the names with the greatest projection across borders, Bica is an excellent double bass player. Recognised for the exceptional melodies he writes, he has a long and precious discography praised by critics and audiences alike. Honoured in 2024 as ‘Musician of the Year’ by, Mário Costa is one of Portugal’s most acclaimed drummers. Versatile and precise, he can be found alongside António Zambujo, Miguel Araújo or Ana Moura, as well as in the Ensemble Super Moderne, Carlos Azevedo Quarteto or even in Emile Parisien’s European supergroup. A name that needs no introduction, Pernadas goes beyond the invisible barriers of jazz. With four studio albums, praised nationally and internationally, the musician has become one of the central figures in Portuguese music. Born in Salvador, Brazil, Santana’s versatility ranges from jazz compositions for trumpet to his influence on traditional Portuguese music. A multifaceted artist, Lefebvre is as at home in modernism as she is in improvised music. A pupil of Didier Lockwood, the violinist is one half of the duo Sun Dew with Paul Audoynaud and a regular presence in various European jazz ensembles.

Julho é de Jazz takes place at Theatro Circo and gnration, and 50 general passes are available, giving access to all seven shows and the two documentaries.

full programme

4 jul, 21:30 bica / costa / pernadas convidam lefebvre e santana · pátio exterior (gnration)
5 jul, 21:30 irreversible entanglements · palco principal (theatro circo)
6 jul, 18:00 andré pizarro pepe + convidados · pátio exterior (gnration)
6 jul, 21:30 john scofield/dave holland · palco principal (theatro circo)
11 jul, 21:30 marie krüttli trio · pátio exterior (gnration)
12 jul, 21:30 hedvig mollestad trio · pátio exterior (gnration)
13 jul, 21:30 amaro freitas trio · palco principal (theatro circo)

3 jul, 21:30 jazzé duarte” · pequeno auditório (theatro circo)
10 jul, 21:30cairo jazzman” · pequeno auditório (theatro circo)

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