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29 Feb



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Few artists can encapsulate authenticity and vulnerability like MIKE. At 25, he is one of hip hop’s most honest voices and a central figure in the new sound that has emerged from New York’s underground.
Born in New Jersey, at the age of five he moved with his mum and older sisters to the UK. Through Channel U, he discovered grime and Skepta. When he returned to the United States, he came across MF DOOM and started following Odd Future, Tyler the Creator, Chance the Rapper and Earl Sweatshirt. At the same time, he found in King Krule’s raw and sincere style the inspiration to write what was in his soul. Applying his grime experiences to these new influences, MIKE began his musical project.
For the rapper and producer, music isn’t just a form of artistic expression, it’s also a vehicle for processing his feelings and experiences. The introspective rhymes, calm delivery and atmospheric beats quickly grabbed the attention of audiences and critics alike. What follows is one of the most interesting journeys in hip hop in recent years. Through 10k, his label, he releases a series of albums and mixtapes, all highly acclaimed, is honoured twice with Pitchfork’s Best New Music label and goes on tours with Blood Orange, Earl Sweatshirt, The Alchemist and Freddie Gibbs.
All this seems to be culminating (for now) in 2023, a particularly busy year for MIKE. With Wiki and The Alchemist, he releases the acclaimed Faith is a Rock and organises the Young World Rap Festival, where he unveils the first song from what will be his sixth solo album. Burning Desire is immediately applauded as one of the works of the year and the presentation tour, which passes through Portugal on two dates, becomes one of the most exciting for the beginning of 2024.

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