educational service / workshop

nesta manta cabe [this blanket fits] - session-concert for babies and children

mini circuito

10 Feb


10:00 + 11:30

4 eur adult / 3 eur children

Imagination around a blanket: story-blanket, landscape-blanket, tent-blanket, cake-blanket.
Like looking at the clouds, we are invited to discover, in the drawings on this blanket, small and huge animals, familiar landscapes and others that have just been invented, dreamed figures and forgotten mirages. We mix echoes, rattles and lullabies with the thread of the stories and continue as a family, guided by the music and the first discoveries.


Frenesim is a cultural co-operative, dreamt up and practised by a group of artists and educators. Its aim is to promote art as a goal, as a project for change and for bringing people together. It’s the mix of musicians, sculptors, performers, teachers and curious people that creates a transversal approach, key to personal and group exploration.

partner frenesim
duration 40 min.
capacity 40 people per session
target audience babies and children up to 5 years old, accompanied by an adult

Circuito is Braga Media Arts’ Educational Service and it makes multiple connections between creation, Media Arts and the community. Here, new technologies are the driving force behind the production, knowledge and enjoyment of art. And the activities are designed for schools, families, children, teachers, seniors, communities, professionals, amateurs, artists and anyone else who wants to join in.
This Circuit is open to everyone. Find out more about it here.

mini circuit – activities and shows for children, accompanied by family members
school circuit – activities for the school community
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support portuguese republic – culture / directorate-general for the arts. rtcp – network of portuguese theatres and cinemas

Created using Figma