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órbita #22: carlos maria trindade

24 Jan



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Órbita programme is designed exclusively for the online format. Newly commissioned works gravitate around it and bridges are established with the offline programme, focusing on the domains of music, art, and technology.

#22 – carlos maria trindade

In October 2023, Carlos Maria Trindade returned to recording under his own name with Vitral Submerso. Presented for the first time to the public in Braga, in a dazzling show at the gnration, the record of this moment now arrives in the Órbita cycle.
Founder of Heróis do Mar and a member of Madredeus, Maria Trindade is a landmark in the history of Portuguese music. Some of Portugal’s biggest pop hits have passed through her hands, from António Variações to Xutos e Pontapés and Rádio Macau. In his own name, the musician and producer has released Mr Wollogallu (a cult album with Nuno Canavarro), Deep Travel and Oriente, as well as a release that brought him together with Sensible Soccers.

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