peter kutin & patrik lechner


12 Jan



7 eur



warning this show may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

A kinetic sculpture in the shape of loudspeakers rotates horizontally around its own axis. Equipped with a four-channel sound system, a 360º camera and LED lights, this audiovisual performance uses the movements of acceleration and deceleration to construct mesmerising dances of light, sound and video. Developed by Peter Kutin, in collaboration with Patrik Lechner (video projections) and Mathias Lenz (mechatronics), ROTOЯ – SONIC BODY challenges the concept of time and plays with the memory and senses of the spectators, who sit around the object. This performance premiered at the 2019 edition of the MUTEK Festival in Montreal and is another chapter in the exploration of Rotating Sounds that Kutin began with TORSO#1, a work honoured with a Golden Nica from the Prix Ars Eletronica in the area of Digital Music and Sound Art. In ROTOЯ – SONIC BODY, the Austrian artist controls the speed at which the object rotates. The auditory and visual feedback resulting from this movement is used as the central aesthetic element of the performance. The acceleration / deceleration influences and manipulates the sound and images, creating hypnotic movements, pulsating soundscapes and distorted images. Due to the constant acceleration, movement is no longer perceptible in detail, but only the lines, colours, surfaces and sounds that pass by can be distinguished. Based in Vienna, Peter Kutin works with sound in various genres, media and supports. Kutin’s interest in how we perceive sound in relation to images has led him to make a series of experimental short films, performances and kinetic sculptures with sound and light. In addition to this work, the Austrian artist and composer also creates music and sound environments for film, theatre, performance, contemporary dance and radio. His performances and installations have been presented all over the world at various festivals and notable music, film and media art venues.

Austrian Ministry of Culture
Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts
RTCP – Network of Portuguese Theatres and Cinemas

concept, composition, live electronics
peter kutin
live video projection
patrick lechner
mathias lenz

Created using Figma