radiografia #5 — inês malheiro

presents volatile poem

29 Jun



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In response to the emergence of a number of young composers in Braga, and as a foretaste of the city’s artistic future, gnration presents Radiografia, an overview of Braga’s newest and most interesting composers. Anchored in the vast field of contemporary music, the works of the different authors point to different coordinates, from operatic to acousmatic music, and to different types of interpretation, from solos to large-scale ensembles.

inês malheiro

For the fifth session of Radiografia, Inês Malheiro escapes from the intimate and personal context that characterises her artistic practice and invites Arianna Casellas and Violeta Azevedo to examine the form and beauty of what it is to be a song. Exploring voices, transverse flute, cello and whatever else comes their way, the trio will present Volatile Poem.
Improvised, premeditated or broken voices, recycling and dismembered songs, Inês Malheiro’s practice is based on using the voice as raw material. In 2022, she made her solo debut with the album Deusa Náusea, published by Lovers and Lollypops. Alongside her solo work, the artist has composed for performance and cinema, released Liquify, Spread and Float (2022), a live improvised performance album, created the sound design for Práticas Laboriosas do Enxofre (2022), an exhibition project created by the Corisca Collective, and released Canal-Conduto (2020) with Gonçalo Penas. She is a member of the duo Fura Olhos, with Miguel Pedro, and the jazz group Lucifer Pool Party.
Arianna Casellas is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice reflects the folklore of the places she calls home. A member of Sereias and the duo MONTES, she released her first solo EP Concepto de Madre in 2020. Violeta Azevedo is a sound artist who oscillates between composition and improvisation by combining the transverse flute with an electronic orchestra.

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