trabalho da casa: ruído roído

presents o êxtase do silêncio

25 May



7 eur



Ruído Roído is the project that brings together guitarist Márcio Décio and bassist Jorge Oliveira. Long-time companions in Malcontent, they decided it was time to start something different from what they had done so far. After years of embracing the treat of rock music, they were urged to explore the more disconcerting paths of heavy music, and to unleash noise and experimentation with abstract sounds and homophonic words – were that not the motto of their name.
Split between Porto and Braga, Ruído Roído was born in 2020. Three years later they released their debut album, Dor, on the Raging Planet label. At the invitation of gnration, the duo presents a new work created from scratch as part of the Trabalho da Casa programme. O Êxtase do Silêncio is the name of the show that Jorge Oliveira and Márcio Décio will perform, accompanied by Rui Rodrigues on drums and set design by Vânia Kosta. The show will also feature a visual component orchestrated by students from the University of Minho’s Master’s in Media Arts in constant dialogue with the band.

With more than two dozen projects already supported, gnration’s artistic creation programme challenges musicians and bands to create new recordings and shows, based on incubation in a residency context. In addition to the public presentation that is included as the final process of the artistic residency, we would venture to say that the legacy it has left on the city’s cultural map is of incalculable artistic value. Gonçalo, Ermo, con+ainer, Máquina Del Amor, Grandfather’s House, Leviatã, Dead Men Talking, Imploding Stars, Bruma, Ângela Polícia, Quadra, FERE, The Nancy Resistance Wide Band, Omie Wise, Homem em Catarse, Cavalheiro, Travo, St. James Park, Mutu, NO!ON and Palas make up almost a decade of Trabalho(s) da Casa.

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