about gnration

A result of Braga 2012 – European Youth Capital, gnration is a space for creation, performance and exhibition within the domain of contemporary music and the relationship between art and technology.


Through a sustained strategy of permanent openness to the community, it wishes to assert itself as a unifying center for cultural and creative dynamic, taking up its position as a space geared towards the awareness and formation of new audiences, exposing them to relevant artistic practices, in light of a contemporary and cosmopolitan perspective.


Since 2021, the gnration is part of the Rede de Teatros e Cineteatros Portugueses – RTCP.

strategic vision

gnration’s cultural programming is founded in two fundamental pillars, to be viewed as independent or interconnected. Contemporary Music and the relationship between Art and Technology are the watchwords for the programming of activities with a performative, expositional and educational bent.


Contemporary music – gnration wishes to implement a Contemporary Music program which, complementing the structures with a regular programming in the city of Braga, offers unique content, with high quality and artistic relevance. The programming’s focus is not ruled by genres or stylistic cataloguing but by aesthetic and qualitative criteria, in a perspective for the construction of a strong programmatic identity, with the potential to attract different kinds of audiences, within and without the city of Braga.


Arts and technology – the city of Braga’s tradition in the domain of innovation and new technologies at the academic and corporate levels has been, in recent years, expanded to the artistic domain, culminating in the recent award of the title of UNESCO Creative City in Media Arts. The relationship between Art and Technology is a structuring axis for the city, and gnration calls to itself the role of main dynamic agent in that domain. gnration proposes to develop regular work in the spreading of the relationship between art and technology through the programming of exhibitions, concerts/performances and educational service directed towards a diverse and wide-ranging audience, contributing for the affirmation of Braga as an international reference in the field.

institutional support and management



Institutional Support




partners for the programme


gnration is part of the European Media Arts Platform (EMAP)


gnration is part of RTCP – Rede de Teatros e Cineteatros Portugueses


gnration is part of RPAC – Rede Portuguesa de Arte Contemporâea


gnration building is supported by the resilience and recovery plan (PRR)


how to support

With a view to a larger involvement by the general public with gnration and its mission, we’ve made available several ways to support and actively participate. Support gnration’s activities and take culture further.


newsletter  know first-hand the tri-monthly cultural programming at gnration and access offers directed to a wide range of audiences: music shows, installations, exhibitions, dance, activities for educational services, artistic residencies, among others.


sponsorship  to companies that wish to collaborate with the gnration project, the Bracara Augusta Foundation, gnration’s governing body, offers a wide range of modalities for collaboration within the scope of sponsorship, regarding projects in which the Sponsor takes on a major role as an active member of the partnership. Contact us and find out the benefits we have for your company.


gnration is a structure managed by the municipal company teatro circo de braga, e.m, s.a.

Teatro Circo de Braga, EM, S.A. is a century-old company that, throughout most of its existence has been dedicated to the management of Theatro Circo. Created by private initiative, in the ’80s the Municipality of Braga acquired the majority of the shares and, years later, its remaining, turning it into a company 100% owned by public capital and the oldest local company in the country. Nowadays, it assumes itself as an important instrument at the service of the city for the implementation of its cultural policy, working in complementarity with the Municipality of Braga. It is responsible for the implementation of the Braga Media Arts project, within the scope of the attribution to Braga in 2017 of the category of Unesco Creative City in this domain. It was also responsible for coordinating Braga’s application to become the European Capital of Culture 2027. At the end of 2020, the company further extended its scope of action, starting to manage gnration, a national reference structure in the fields of contemporary music and the relationship between art and technology.

teatro circo de braga, e.m., s.a.

board of directors Ricardo Rio (Chairman), Joana Meneses Fernandes (Executive Director), Maria de Lurdes Rufino (Non-Executive Director)
general assembly Sameiro Araújo (Chairman), Olga Pereira (Vice-Chairman), Nuno Gouveia
sole auditor G. Castro, R. Silva, A. Dias e F. Amorim, SROC, Lda
executive director Joana Meneses Fernandes

artistic director Luís Fernandes
music Ilídio Marques
performing arts Maria Inês Marques
mediation and participation Sara Borges

management Raquel Nair (director), Diana Magalhães (administrative and budget coordination)
public procurement / financing / internal control André Dantas, Ana Rita Prata, Tiago Oliveira (internship)
accounting Alice Loureiro, Francisco Diego, Edgar Silva, Marisa Sousa
project management Hugo Loureiro
administrative/support Ana Faria
internal and external relations Daniela Queirós (manager)
human resources Sara Lima, Rita Machado
commercial and external relations Alexandra Araújo

box office and front of house Rita Santos (coordination), Cristiana Cerqueira (technical support), Catarina Barros, Fábio Barbosa, Maria Esteves, Maria João Silva, Patrícia Queirós, Paula Neves, Sofia Menezes

communication Carolina Lapa (director)
institutional communication and communication production Luciana Silva (coordination), Sara Barbosa
content, consultancy and accessibility Nuno Abreu (coordination), Diogo Rodrigues, Sara Rosa Oliveira
digital Mariana Volz (supervision), Joana Rebelo, Inês Venâncio, Carolina Baptista


coordenação geral Luís Passos
produção Marta Lima, Tiago Lopes, Francisco Novais
departamento técnico e logístico Ricardo Miranda (coordenação), Márcio Ferreira, Tiago Rosendo
limpeza Maria Silva, Maria Ribeiro
design gráfico dobra
vídeo Neva Films

braga media arts
circuito – braga media arts educational service
general director Joana Meneses Fernandes
general and executive coordination Joana Miranda
artistic direction and programme coordination Luís Fernandes
circuit coordination – educational service Sara Borges
production and international co-operation projects Maria Tavares


how to get here

Located in the city centre of Braga, gnration sits within a 15-minute walk from the train station and a 5-minute walk from the bus station (Braga Transport Coordinating Centre). There are four bus stops close to the gnration; three in Praça Conde de Agrolongo – Conde Agrolongo I, II and III – and one in the Municipal Market – Carmo (Mercado) – with a TUB bus stop. The building can be reached by lines 6, 14, 35, 36, 53 (exit at Conde Agrolongo I, less than 1 minute away on foot), 21, 32, 46, 50, 52, 54, 84 (exit at Conde Agrolongo II, about 2 minutes walking distance), 2, 5, 14, 24, 33, 85, 90 (exit at Conde Agrolongo III, about 4 minutes walking distance) and 6, 32, 36, 37, 90, 94, 95, 914 (exit at Carmo (Mercado) 2 minutes walking distance).

There are public car parks around gnration. Outside gnration, there is a public parking space for vehicles carrying disabled people.



The bathrooms in the building are genderless.

There is a baby changing room on floors 0 and 2, next to the toilets.

The guided tours of the exhibitions have a Portuguese Sign Language interpreter, who must be requested in advance by phone or email.

The gnration seeks to promote a clear and careful language in its contents, for greater intellectual accessibility.


physical accessibility

Gnration is an accessible building for people with reduced mobility. Access for wheelchair users is via the main door. There is an adapted toilet on each floor. The ticket office is located on the ground floor and is accessible to wheelchair users. Access to the upper floors for wheelchair users is by lift.

Outside gnration, there is a public parking space for vehicles carrying disabled people.

Gnration offers discounted tickets (20%) for people with disabilities and accompanying persons.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding accessibility, please write us at

press room

gnration has its own communication office, specializing in institutional cultural communication. For matters relating to press consultancy, accreditation requests, interview requests, reporting on shows and other matters with the scope of gnration’s communication, contact


receive the newsletter?  If you wish to receive gnration’s cultural programming and news via email, send us a message with your name and email address to, or subscribe to our newsletter in the form at the bottom of our site.


A cultural space can’t be built without the public’s participation, and gnration can improve with your input. Write to us at and give us suggestions, ideas and requests. Together we can make more culture.

If you wish to make a complaint in the Book of Complaints, you can do so online here.

contact us

e-mail  ·  press  ·  cellphone +351 253 142 200 (naitonal landline call)  ·  adress praça conde de agrolongo, n° 123, 4700-312 braga, portugal  ·  graphic coordinates latitude: 41.552952; longitude: -8.426235

guided tours

gnration organizes free guided visits to the school public, general public, informal groups, associations and other groups. Visits can be in bilingual format (Portuguese and English), require prior appointment and take place on wednesdays between 10:30 and 12:30 and on fridays between 14:30 and 16:30. Guided tours may change on weekdays and times mentioned for technical reasons, rest of staff or holidays.

external events

gnration has the right spaces for you and your company. Awarded the National Prize of Urban Rehabilitation in 2014, gnration has a privileged location in the city centre of Braga, with car parks and hotels less than 1 minute’s walk, the bus station is less than 3 minute’s walk, and the railway station is less than 10 minute’s walk.

Conferences, seminars, lectures, small and large group meetings, presentations, workshops, and gatherings are some of the events we can host. In addition to space rental, we also provide quality catering services, coffee breaks, specialised technical support, hostesses (welcome crew and room assistance), and photography, among others.

Among the companies, brands, and institutions that have chosen us are market benchmarks such as Ikea, Bosch, Mini, Exame, Fidelidade, Primavera, INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Balanças Marques, and Quercus.


For more information about external events, contact us by e-mail at

gnration reserves the right to admit events that are only coherent with its institutional logic

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