gnration is a structure managed by the municipal company teatro circo de braga, e.m, s.a.

Teatro Circo de Braga, EM, S.A. is a century-old company that, throughout most of its existence has been dedicated to the management of Theatro Circo. Created by private initiative, in the ’80s the Municipality of Braga acquired the majority of the shares and, years later, its remaining, turning it into a company 100% owned by public capital and the oldest local company in the country. Nowadays, it assumes itself as an important instrument at the service of the city for the implementation of its cultural policy, working in complementarity with the Municipality of Braga. It is responsible for the implementation of the Braga Media Arts project, within the scope of the attribution to Braga in 2017 of the category of Unesco Creative City in this domain. It was also responsible for coordinating Braga’s application to become the European Capital of Culture 2027. At the end of 2020, the company further extended its scope of action, starting to manage gnration, a national reference structure in the fields of contemporary music and the relationship between art and technology.

teatro circo de braga, e.m., s.a.

board of directors Ricardo Rio (Chairman), Joana Meneses Fernandes (Executive Director), Maria de Lurdes Rufino (Non-Executive Director)
general assembly Sameiro Araújo (Chairman), Olga Pereira (Vice-Chairman), Nuno Gouveia
sole auditor G. Castro, R. Silva, A. Dias e F. Amorim, SROC, Lda
executive director Joana Meneses Fernandes

artistic director Luís Fernandes
music Ilídio Marques
performing arts Maria Inês Marques
mediation and participation Sara Borges

management Raquel Nair (director), Diana Magalhães (administrative and budget coordination)
public procurement / financing / internal control André Dantas, Ana Rita Prata, Tiago Oliveira (internship)
accounting Alice Loureiro, Francisco Diego, Edgar Silva, Marisa Sousa
project management Hugo Loureiro
administrative/support Ana Faria
internal and external relations Daniela Queirós (manager)
human resources Sara Lima, Rita Machado
commercial and external relations Alexandra Araújo

box office and front of house Rita Santos (coordination), Cristiana Cerqueira (technical support), Catarina Barros, Fábio Barbosa, Maria Esteves, Maria João Silva, Patrícia Queirós, Paula Neves, Sofia Menezes

communication Carolina Lapa (director)
institutional communication and communication production Luciana Silva (coordination), Sara Barbosa
content, consultancy and accessibility Nuno Abreu (coordination), Diogo Rodrigues, Sara Rosa Oliveira
digital Mariana Volz (supervision), Joana Rebelo, Inês Venâncio, Carolina Baptista


coordenação geral Luís Passos
produção Marta Lima, Tiago Lopes, Francisco Novais
departamento técnico e logístico Ricardo Miranda (coordenação), Márcio Ferreira, Tiago Rosendo
limpeza Maria Silva, Maria Ribeiro
design gráfico dobra
vídeo Neva Films

braga media arts
circuito – braga media arts educational service
general director Joana Meneses Fernandes
general and executive coordination Joana Miranda
artistic direction and programme coordination Luís Fernandes
circuit coordination – educational service Sara Borges
production and international co-operation projects Maria Tavares

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