julho é de jazz 2024

In its tenth edition, Julho é de Jazz will go beyond gnration’s pátio exterior (outdoor patio)  and will also take over the main stage of Theatro Circo. The cycle that began in 2015 celebrates ten editions with seven concerts and two documentaries, which will be spread across the two cultural venues in the city of Braga. The programme for this 2024 edition brings together a luxury cast made up of living legends of improvisation music, well-known national and international artists and emerging names who have been causing a lot of talk.

full programme

4 jul, 21:30 bica / costa / pernadas convidam lefebvre e santana · pátio exterior (gnration)
5 jul, 21:30 irreversible entanglements · palco principal (theatro circo)
6 jul, 18:00 andré pizarro pepe + convidados · pátio exterior (gnration)
6 jul, 21:30 john scofield/dave holland · palco principal (theatro circo)
11 jul, 21:30 marie krüttli trio · blackbox (gnration)
12 jul, 21:30 hedvig mollestad trio · pátio exterior (gnration)
13 jul, 21:30 amaro freitas trio · palco principal (theatro circo)

3 jul, 21:30 jazzé duarte” · pequeno auditório (theatro circo)
10 jul, 21:30cairo jazzman” · pequeno auditório (theatro circo)

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