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gnration in the stimulation of artistic creation.






quarto do artista

“Quarto do Artista” (Artist’s Room) is a series of episodes portraying the artistic creation processes resulting from commissions by gnration.



programming playlist

Hear what you saw and will see on stage




While we are at home, we invite musicians to give us music.





Songs behind closed doors




Exhibitions, installations and community shows depicted in documentary pieces. 




media arts online

Art and technology remain close




From art to society




Órbita programme is designed exclusively for the online format. Newly commissioned works gravitate around it and bridges are established with the offline programme, focusing on the domains of music, art, and technology.


órbita #1: sarnadas + inês castanheira órbita #3: medusa unit órbita #3 raw forest órbita #4: cave story órbita #5: jorge pinto ramos órbita #6: lucy railton + pedro maia

órbita #7: colectivo casa amarela     

Created using Figma