gnration’s music program hosts concerts by some of the most exciting and relevant national and international artists working today. Emerging and renowned, from classical to rock, through jazz, electronic, experimental music and hip-hop. The common premise is quality, boldness and the singularity of our proposals.

educational service

New technologies have revolutionized the world of artistic creation, opening it to new artists and generating new art forms. gnration’s educational service, developed in a partnership with Braga Media Arts, calls to itself this space between creation, technology and community, and allows everyone to build their relationships, more or less deep, rational of affective, be they rooted in knowledge or entertainment, with Media Arts. Here we can find activities for babies, children, youngsters, adults or senior citizens, people with special needs, with or without artistic or technical experience, teachers, academics and communities.

artistic residency

gnration takes its place as a producer and booster of artistic creation, through the development of artistic residence procedures within the scope of contemporary music and the relationship between art and technology. The support programs encompass artists and partnerships on an international, national or local level, as shown by the examples of the Trabalho da Casa and Laboratórios de Verão cycles, fully dedicated to local artists.

community shows

The relationship with the community is a fundamental axis for the Educational Service. Through Community Shows we seek to provide different forms of contact with Art, so that everyone might build their own experience. Ultimately everyone should find their own space and place in the relationship between art and technology.

gnration gallery

Located on the ground floor, the gnration gallery presents exhibitions and installations founded on the relationship between art and technology and sonic art, by international and national artists, emerging and renowned. Among the artists who have shown their work in this gallery are Phil Niblock, Mark Fell, Nicolas Bernier or Zimoun.

playlist may — aug

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