semibreve: søs gunver ryberg / dj stingray

27 Oct



7 eur*


SEMIBREVE festival returns to Braga, Portugal, for its 8th edition between 26th and 28th of October 2018. The festival will take place in various venues, including the historic Theatro Circo, the restored 18th century building Casa Rolão and the cutting edge contemporary venue gnration.

Danish composer and perfomer SØS Gunver Ryberg, known for her intense live music performances and awarded with the Danish Composers’ Society’s prize and from the The Danish Art Foundation in 2011, will make her Portuguese debut in SEMIBREVE. Sherard Ingram is a menacing node in the vast tangle of electronic music’s history, present, and future. As DJ Stingray he propagates a seer‑like, totalizing concept of what it is to be engaged in thinking ahead by making people move.


* gnration’s access tickets  a reduced number of tickets will be put up for sale at gnration, on the day of each SEMIBREVE event, one hour before the start of the show

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