semibreve: avalon emerson / nik void

25 Oct



7 eur *


SEMIBREVE festival returns to Braga, Portugal, for its 9th edition between 25th and 27th of October 2019. The festival will take place in various venues, including the historic Theatro Circo, the restored 18th century building Casa Rolão, the cutting-edge contemporary venue gnration, the medieval room dated from the 15th century Salão Medieval da Universidade do Minho and the astonishing modern chapel Capela Imaculada do Seminário Menor.

During the day, from Monday to Friday, Avalon Emerson writes code for a software company; in whatever is left of his time, he devotes himself steadfastly to being one of the most captivating producers and DJ os current dance music. Maybe the explanation ofr her refined aesthetic sense comes from this blaance, where little particles seem to  make the difference inher electronica, as if she wrote the sculpted code in her music, piece by piece, like na intrasnsmissable DNA. That is why we, in spite of ourselves, become submerged in spirals of contagious futuristic energy, among the digital blips and an electro pulse which precisely controls our body’s tingling.

Usually, Nik Void says that his music seeks the unexpected. Perhaps that was the distinctive characteristic that was so valuable to Factory Floor as soon as she was made a part of the group. And we can say the same of Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti, who along with Nik Void moved forward with a new trio which updated in a positive fashion, the former Throbbing Gristle’s industrial electronic. After a long career in music, almost always in others’ company, Nik Void’s first album is finally coming, with a planned release for 2020. At Semibreve, we’ll all be lucky to hear what’s coming: it promises fractured rhythm, pure electronic, sparkling noise, and the usual enchanting handling of her voice. Like concerts by Factory Floor or Carter Tutti Void, it’s quite plausible that we’ll deliver ourselves heart and soul to the music which will come from this fusion of matters. 

* gnration access tickets limited to room capacity.

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