educational service / guided visit

guided visits to the gnration exhibitions

17 Dec


10:00 + 11:00 + 12:00

free admission

galeria inl and galeria gnration

Link is a mediation project that departs from gnration’s exhibition program to build a dialogue between community, art and technology. Aiming to bring audiences closer to artists and creations, link proposes a series of activities aimed at diverse audiences and at different times during the year.

Did you know that the INL gallery is dedicated since 2016 to uniting science, art, and technology? And that the artists, invited by gnration, start from the work done in the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, based in Braga, to create a specific work for this gallery? And that the gnration gallery hosts works by world-renowned artists? And did you know that it also presents exhibitions designed from scratch for the place?
Under the guidance of artist and mediator Joana Patrão, we will focus on the pieces presented at INL gallery and gnration gallery to expand our vision about art and the many worlds it contains.

duration 50 min.
mediation joana patrão
sessions 10:00, 11:00, 12:00
target audience general public, families with small children are welcome
capacity as marcações serão aceites por grupo, num máximo de dez pessoas por grupo
nota if you need an interpreter for Portuguese Sign Language, please tell us at the time of booking
apply at

Circuito is Braga Media Arts’ new Educational Service and it makes multiple connections between our communities, Media Arts and creativity. Here new technologies are an engine of production, knowledge and enjoyment of the arts.

mini circuito · ativities and shows for children, 
circuito escolar · activities for schools
circuito avançado · activities and classes for young, adult
circuito para todos · activities and shows for everyone
fora de circuito · special projects

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