juçara marçal

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30 Nov



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Singer, songwriter, teacher, journalist, and music researcher, Juçara Marçal is one of the most respected names in contemporary Brazilian music, with a career spanning over twenty years. At the end of the 90s, she joined the group A Barca and deepened her research on Brazilian folk culture. In 2000, she started exploring Afro-Brazilian culture with composer and guitarist Kiko Dinucci. As a result of this excellent artistic relationship, in 2007, the first record of the two was born: Padê, an album considered by many a milestone in contemporary Brazilian music. Later, with saxophonist Thiago França, Kiko and Juçara would form Metá-Metá, and win a unique place in the history of modern Brazilian music. Alongside Tulipa Ruiz or Rodrigo Campos (Passo Torto), Kiko, Juçara, and Thiago are regularly referred to as the driving forces behind avant-garde music created in São Paulo.

In 2014, Juçara made her solo debut with the acclaimed Encarnado, a record that featured production by friend and colleague Kiko Dinucci, as well as collaboration with violinist Rodrigo Campos. A year later, she would have another collaborative record, Anganga, alongside musician Cadu Tenório.

Seven years after Encarnado, Juçara presents Delta Estácio Blues, again produced by Dinucci and counting with partnerships with names like Tulipa Ruiz, Maria Beraldo, Suba, Rodrigo Campos, and Douglas Germano. Issues such as racism, blackness, femininity, and ancestry are causes of constant struggle for Juçara, now in her 60s and the proud owner of an autonomous and independent career. In Brazil, with Delta Estácio Blues, Juçara won record of the year, song of the year (with the track “Crash”), and producer of the year (for Kiko Dinucci) at the Prémio Multishow 2021, one of the highest awards in the country’s music industry.

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