michael gira + kristof hahn (swans)

7 Dec



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Michael Gira is one of the biggest names in the avant-garde rock of the last four decades. Founder, lead singer, and guitarist of Swans, the seminal art-rock and experimental rock band from New York, that quickly became known for the aggressive sound, extreme volume, and Gira’s self-abusive screams and growls. In their first life, Swans released ten albums. They developed the foundations of industrial rock and ventured down different sonic paths, from the atmospheric folk of Children of God (1987) to the final statement, Soundtracks For The Blind (1997), which incorporated all the elements that had been part of the band’s identity.

After a decade and a half of activity and hundreds of frantic tours, Gira dissolved Swans. Soon after the end of the band, the North American formed the folk group The Angels Of Light and went solo with more acoustic compositions. In 2010, Swans were reborn into their second life with the album My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (2010) and the frenetic and aggressive reputation they had throughout the 80s and 90s.

With a new book published, “The Knot: Complete Words for Music, Collected Stories and Journals”, Michael Gira begins this autumn the first tour in four years. The opening act of concert will be provided by the (also legendary) guitarist Kristof Hahn. Avant-garde musician known for his use of the lap-steel guitar and long-time companion in the Swans and The Angels of Light he released Six Pieces a new solo work this year.

Before we hear a new Swans album, due for release in 2023, we will have the unique opportunity to see Michael Gira and Kristof Hahn, two of the living legends of experimental music, on a solo record.

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