ocupa#7: guache

16 Dec



5 eur

sala multiusos

Guache is an experimental music duo formed by Gil Fortes and Luciana Melo (RJ/BR), based in Braga. The duo presents a minimal sound universe, a dialogue between structure and interference, landscape and presence from the practice of improvisation.

Gil explores the overlapping of harmony, melody, texture, drone, resonance, microphony, rhythm, and pulsation, in a proposition of musical structure. Luciana practices improvisation from melodic and noisy interferences with voice, strings, microphonics, and capturing everyday objects.

age rating m/6
 partners auaufeiomau, município de braga, braga media arts
daily ticket 5 euros (the ticket also includes the concert clube de inverno)
ticket for both days 7 euros

see full programme for ocupa #7

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