carlos maria trindade

presents vitral submerso

7 Oct



9 eur



One of the greatest names in Portuguese music is back. Carlos Maria Trindade presents Vitral Submerso for the first time in a national premiere in a piano concert. Founder of Heróis do Mar, with Pedro Ayres Magalhães and Paulo Gonçalves, and a member of Madredeus, Maria Trindade is a landmark in the history of Portuguese music. With works that merge electronic and acoustic sounds, Maria Trindade is uncontrollable, a pioneering figure in the production and experimentation of electric music. In 1990, with Nuno Canavarro, he released Mr Wollogallu, an instrumental album which at the time of its release raised few brows. However, over the years this historic piece of music gained cult status, praised for its avant-garde production techniques and sounds that in later years we would hear in works by the acclaimed Air, for example. With the 2017 reissue, Mr. Wollogallu received a new international spotlight, being praised on the ambient and chillwave music scene and highlighted by Pitchfork.
As a producer, Carlos Maria Trindade is responsible for some of the most iconic and acclaimed national pop albums. He worked on António Variações’ Dar & Receber (1984), produced Radio Macau’s Spleen (1986), Xutos & Pontapés’ Circo de Feras (1987), the first two Delfins albums, Santos & Pecadores’ Love (1996), Mariza’s Fado Curvo (2003) and much more.
The concert and album he is now presenting is also a return to his origins. At the age of five, Maria Trindade went with his father to an antique auction and left with an old upright piano and the seed of a bright future in music. Over the years, the piano gave way to synthesisers. But in 2018, after becoming a pillar in the history of national music, he received a 1920s piano that took up residence in his living room. “From that day on, I started composing for it. The result of this solitary adventure is in the sound of these pieces, which wander in a kind of neo-classicism, the fruit of varied feelings and already long musical life,” Maria Trindade tells us about the work she will be premiering in Braga.

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