estilhaços (adolfo luxúria canibal, antónio rafael, henrique fernandes, jorge coelho & sofia saldanha)

presents estilhaços de escuridão

2 Dec



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Estilhaços de Escuridão is the fourth new work by spoken word project Estilhaços. Headed by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal and featuring António Rafael on piano and keyboard, Henrique Fernandes on double bass and Jorge Coelho on guitar, this work also included the collaboration of sound documentary maker Sofia Saldanha (1975 – 2022). Lilith’s Lists (2022), the artist’s latest project, winner of the Grand Prize at the Prix Marulic – International Radio Festival in May this year, is part of the album’s line-up, which explores the commotions of human existence, centred on the concept of darkness.
Estilhaços was born in 2004 as a show in which Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, lead singer and lyricist of Mão Morta, read some texts and poems from his book of the same name, accompanied by António Rafael, also a member of the historic Portuguese band. Since then, the project has evolved; Henrique Fernandes joins the group and they release the disc of the same name. With regular performances, Jorge Coelho took over on guitar, thus completing the line-up we know today. At the invitation of the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation – Surrealism Museum, they are invited to prepare a tribute to the poet Mário Cesariny. This show gave rise to their second disc, Estilhaços e Cesariny (2011), with three writings by Adolfo and five interpretations of poems by Cesariny. In 2012, they were invited to compose pieces based on the books published in the collection “O Filme da Minha Vida” (The Film of My Life), giving rise to a new show and the album Estilhaços Cinemáticos (2014). In 2020, they were invited by Correntes D’Escritas, the literary festival in Póvoa de Varzim, to present a new show. Escuridão, created in collaboration with Sofia Saldanha, would only be premiered in February 2022, due to the pandemic. Since then, Estilhaços have been performing this show, which gave rise to an album of the same name, released on 30 June by Rastilho Records.

Portuguese reference spoken word project presents their fourth work ‘Estilhaços de Escuridão’, created in collaboration with late Portuguese sound documentarist Sofia Saldanha.

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