educational service / workshop

há um rio nesta gota

7 Oct


10:00 + 11:30

3 eur (children) / 4 eur (adult)

sala multiusos

Music occupies a central place in our lives. In this session-concert, dedicated to the youngest, families are invited to enter a sound bubble, where electronic music mixes with acoustic voice, instrument exploration, echoes, projections and discoveries in pairs.
We’ll dive into a thread of water until we spring up in the middle of the ocean, on the blades of a windmill or in a tropical downpour.


Frenesim is a cultural co-operative, dreamt up and practised by a group of artists and educators. Its aim is to promote art as a goal, as a project for change and for bringing people together. It’s the mix of musicians, sculptors, performers, teachers and curious people that creates a transversal approach, key to personal and group exploration.

Created using Figma