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Introduction to live sampling and audio processing in max with rodrigo constanzo

circuito avançado

25 Mar



9 eur

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In this BMA lab, Rodrigo Constanzo will cover the basics of live sampling and processing setup using Max software. For different types of instruments and inputs, we will understand how to implement samplers and how to control all this through external MIDI controllers. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to use Max and implement the tools learned in their musical instrument or professional practice.

rodrigo constanzo

Living between Porto and Manchester, Rodrigo Constanzo is a sound artist whose work travels between improvisation, performance and composition. Constanzo is involved in several collaborative projects, where he intensely explores programming and percussion. In his work we often come across innovative and unusual solutions, in a very interesting relationship between everyday life, music and technology.

BMA lab

Based on experimentation, creation, art and technology, the BMA lab training cycle is dedicated to the main topics of Media Arts, giving participants the experience of developing works, tools and ideas. This lab has moments dedicated to thinking and reflecting about Digital Art and is intended for artists, musicians, programmers, teachers, students and anyone interested in Media Arts.

trainer rodrigo constanzo
duration 4h aprox.
target audience artists, musicians, programmers, students, teachers and other professionals
participants 15
participants must previously install
– max 8.3 or later version (alternative option of ableton live suite with m4l
– karma~ 1.6, installed from max manager
– pack confetti devices (downloaded at
– audio interface microphone or instrument playing in max
– MIDI controller (optional)
note masterclass in English

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