julho é de jazz: andré carvalho "lost in translation"

7 Jul



7 eur

pátio exterior


After the acclaimed first volume, in 2021, released by the North American Outside in Music, Lost in Translation – Vol.II is the latest chapter in Lost in Translation , a series of works by André Carvalho inspired by the universe of untranslatable words. Carvalho states that “you have certainly come across concepts for which we do not have a word in our language. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in another and that another culture has created a term for such concept. Learning these words can be a way to express ourselves better, to see the world through other people’s eyes and to have a greater awareness of the outer and inner world”. According to the bassist and composer, his fascination with untranslatable words started out of mere curiosity, but quickly became something instigating and so it made perfect sense to continue the project. Published by the Portuguese Clean Feed Records, house to many national musicians and elected “Publisher of 2022” by The New York Jazz Records, André Carvalho describes this new work as a “contemplative, intimate and at the same time raw album”. Featuring seven compositions by Carvalho and one by André Matos, improvisation, spontaneity and timbre-texture exploration are at the heart of the trio’s sound. Returning to the idea that learning untranslatable words can be a bridge between cultures, the new album includes compositions inspired by words from languages such as Farsi, Hausa or Finnish.André Carvalho has been described by AllAboutJazz as “from this world and the next” and The New York Times referred to him as the bassist “you should know”. Residing in New York since 2014, André has played with important names in Jazz such as Chris Cheek, Will Vinson and Tommy Crane, or outside jazz such as Gilberto Gil, Carlos do Carmo or Cristina Branco. Among the many awards he has received is a “2012 Carlos Paredes Award” with his debut album Hajime.

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